Fundamental principles, moral guidelines, ethical practices, motivational purposes, philanthropic goals; These are some of the things that set a company above its competitors. Businesses grow by providing quality products and services. However, businesses that want to stand out and impact the community put effort into another location on top of that. We all want to make some sort of impact on this world. Luckily we live in a country that allows us to use our brands in order to reach out and influence our communities. In order to reach this level of impact, you must start with an idea. For us this idea was simple, to provide a professional, efficient, and quality boat service. Soon, this idea grew and the potential we saw went beyond the norm in this industry.

Where Did This Idea Begin?

Over the years we needed our own repairs, whether it was for a weekend to the key, or a week down in the keys. Something always seems to go wrong on the boat when you need it most. Most boat mechanics stay very busy with work,sometimes scheduled months in advance. When they do show up, it’s typically in their pickup truck wearing t-shirts, shorts, and flip flops. While living in Florida there is no way I can condemn this attire, there is something special about a professional appearance. A casual appearance can give you the feeling of them viewing their job as casual. When you want your boat fixed not only properly but rapidly, casual can be frustrating.

Our Goal

Our goal became to fix these problems in a few different ways. Essentially what we wanted was a mobile mechanic shop and for our technicians to be able to begin repairing the problem as soon as it was diagnosed. This means a professional set up, a uniform, cleanliness and organization, etc etc. We come to you when convenient for you and we get on the diagnostic immediately. Once that step is through our experienced technicians get into repair mode in order to get you up and running rapidly.

The Future

In the future we see expanding to more technicians, more trucks, working with organizations to better our oceans and water sources, as well as many other ventures. Eventually expansion into a franchise is possible. We are very grateful to all of our customers for joining us and the marinas and dealerships that have begun working with us as well. You should expect much from us now and in the future. Due to our love and dependence on our customers, we would love to also hear your comments, questions, and suggestions. Follow us on our Facebook page to keep in touch.