Emergency Gear is Important for Every Boater

Owning a boat and knowing all the proper information on navigation, emergency situations, basic mechanics, etc is all extremely important. As with a car, if you are to keep it properly running, you must be at least competent in these practices. However, when it comes to boating, the consequences of this neglect can often be severe. There are many places you can go to buy this gear and equipment and the regulations are similar throughout most areas. This post will be much shorter than others due to its relative straightforward simplicity. The following chart gives you an accurate and easy to read view of the necessary emergency equipment for your boat based on length. This chart will help you whether you’re cruising on a smooth 50′ yacht down to South Beach, Miami or buzzing around in a 15′ skiff in the bay area or local lake.

Chart depicting boating emergency gear regulations


Emergency Preparation Saves Lives

Many boaters that go out unprepared fail to realize the dangers of this choice. First off, it is important to recognize, not only are you putting your own life at risk, but also the lives of every one on board with and and in certain circumstances, other boaters in your vicinity. Make sure to stay on top of your boating gear by keeping everything up to date and in good shape.

This brings to mind two more important thoughts. First, strongly consider the investing into a comm system. Radios allow you to send out communicate effectively on the water. Cell phones often do not have quality reception so far from cell towers. Secondly, it’s wise to make sure you have tools in order to repair basic sudden malfunctions. You do not need to help specialized know how or professional tools. You do need to be ready to handle a situation quickly and effectively. This will help immensely when the integrity of your boat and passengers lives is at risk.

Remember to always practice safe boating and be prepared. Go out this weekend and have a great time knowing you be prepared for whichever situation may come your way.