Boat Deck Mats: Protect Your Investment

You’re boat is more than likely a large part of your life. Some of you may be spending almost as much money on your boat as you did your home. Protecting and caring for this investment should be a high priority as well. Additionally, you also want to make sure your time spent on your boat is not only enjoyable, but hassle-free and safe. An important aspect to not overlook is the investment in boat deck mats. These deck mats will protect against the harshness of the sun. While on the water the sun tends to be more intense, reflecting off the clouds and the water. This can put lots of stress on your boat deck. While these rubber mats will not last forever, refurbish or replacement will be much cheaper than a base deck refurbish.

Deck Mats Provide Safer Conditions

You’re on a boat in the open air completely surrounded by a large body of water.The problem here is that the majority of boat decks get wet and when they get wet, they tend to become slippery and run the risk of rotting if not properly cared for. This can result in people falling and possibly getting hurt or worse, go overboard. Rubber or soft traction pads will allow an anti-slip surface even under wet and slippery conditions. With these added pads, spending longer days on the boat can be less tiring on your body. Standing all day fishing or almost any boating activity can result in foot fatigue. Whether its a hardwood deck, fiberglass, or a custom material, it tends to be a hard surface. When you have a softer cushion such as rubber, foam, neoprene, etc, standing for longer periods of time won’t be an issue.

What is Right For You?

There a many places you can go to find these mats and get more quality information on them. I recommend looking at multiple sources to see what works for you. I good place to start would be Sea Dek. Sea Dek provides many different options designed specifically for boating and will withstand the harsh conditions of the ocean saltiness and sun intensity. Rubber Cal also provides general options as well as a variety of floor mat info and choices. Regardless of your choice, not only is this investment offer a great cosmetic appearance, it is practical for your enjoyment and investment protection. If you are already a customer of Guardian Mobile Marine, then you are someone who takes great care in your boat; therefore, I highly suggest this investment.

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