Wawa gas stations are a common source of ethanol-free fuel when a marina is not available.
The key to getting the most out of your boating experience is to keep your boat performance at its best. A good start towards being mechanically competent is to know which fuel to use and why. In many cases boat owners will want to be able to do basic D.I.Y. when it comes to proper upkeep, maintenance, and overall use. With exception of those wealthy enough to pay for constant inspection and maintenance, it is often a more frugal option. However, when you do have an emergency Guardian Mobile Marine makes it a point to be as hassle-free and efficient as possible; Get in touch today!

Why is Your Choice in Fuel So Important?

When it comes to your boat, unless you are aware of where your fuel is sourced from, you can easily cause engine malfunction. You may experience poor engine performance that in the long run could cause deeper issues. If possible, always try to fill up at marina’s where the fuel is specific for the needs of a marine engine. These marina’s typically will stock ethanol free. Ethanol is an alcohol additive. When used in a car, it is fine because the fuel system is totally sealed until it’s in the engine and used to burn. In a boat system the alcohol can attract water molecules. Over a period of time you will experience water build up in your gas tank, leading to more problems.

Two big tips when considering which fuel to use. 1: always use ethanol free for your marine vessel. 2: determine how much fuel you will need for the day and try to only use what you need. This way when your boat is sitting without use, there will be little chance of any condensation build up.

This short video explains and demonstrates how this works.
The Boat Doctor | Ethanol – The Engine Killer