We offer boat and engine inspections to customers who are contemplating purchasing a used boat and motor.

If you buy your boat and motor from a private individual or a broker, we are able to inspect your perspective purchase.  An inspection can help you decide if your prospective purchase will be a sound investment.

Our inspection will include the following points on your prospective purchase to help ensure that you will spend more time in your dream boat on the water than in a repair shop.

  • Boat structural inspection, including  transom and stringers. and condition of through hulls..
  • Electrical, including pumps, thrusters, jack plates etc,  AC and DC systems and boat electrical harness condition.
  • Steering condition.
  • Fuel tank condition, including fuel fills and vents.
  • Auxiliary tank condition.
  • Engine condition.

We will provide you with comprehensive check lists and other pertinent information that will help you make that very important decision on your next boat purchase.

Call us now to arrange a boat inspection.

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